Natural Gas Analyzers

John Booker and Company has served the natural gas industry for years with field proven application packages for every permutation and combination of natural gas and “NGL” samples, Since our designs are based on continually evolving client requirements, they are continually refined. Two of our designs were used at the GPA school in Tulsa, Oklahoma in August 1988. Our plan for “C6+ Extended” gas analysis by capillary and packed columns is running in an -HP- 5890 using our keyboard-driven detector selection circuit. Our “NGL” version is running in a Perkin-Elmer 8500. Both unite show capillary separation without sample splitting—an important cost-reduction with enhanced accuracy and precision. Both units use our isothermal oven for the necessary packed column assay by TCD; thus eliminating the need for and cost of a second GC.

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